Narappa Venkatesh, Priyamani, Rao Ramesh, Nassar- Amazon Prime VideoWe are a few hours away from the release of Victory Venkatesh’s Narappa. The movie will arrive on Amazon Prime Video tonight (July 19th) at 10 PM. Daggubati fans are still not coming to terms with the fact that they could not see the movie on screen especially as Venkatesh will be seen in a complete mass avatar after a long time.

They are extremely displeased with Suresh Babu for this decision. The senior producer in every interview has been saying that it is the call of Kalaipuli S Thanu to release the film on OTT. Not many are ready to believe this reason of Suresh Babu. It looks like he is making a last bid to convince the fans with the reason.

A video of Thanu himself saying the same was released to the media. In the video, Thanu is seen repeatedly saying it was him who pressurized Suresh Babu to go for OTT. He also mentioned twice Suresh Babu half-heartedly agreed to his proposal. Daggubati fans are further unhappy after this clarification which they think is planted.

With the movie releasing in a few hours, does it really matter who is responsible?