Tollywood actress Vishakha Singh recently had a mishap during the filming of her upcoming movie with Nara Rohit’s ‘Rowdy Fellow’. The actress who was at the moment shooting for a song, suffered a minor fracture in the ribs on falling from a merry-go-round. The actress stated that the incident happened on the very last day of Rowdy Fellow’shooting and the fracture occurred because she lost her balance on a merry-go-round and hit a rod. The actress added that all went well in the rehearsals but in the actual shooting sequence, the assistant director pushed the merry-go-round with full force.

The pain was too much for the actress at the time and she broke down. Not knowing the seriousness of the injury, she later took some painkillers but didn’t realize until a doctor said that it was a hairline fracture. The actress has been put to complete bed rest for almost 2 weeks and had to cancel all her plans.