nara rohith rejected 600 stories in 3 years!Nara Rohit is one prolific actor who is choosing different subjects for sure. He is also known as ‘coffee shop guy’ who sits with his friends and entourage and listens to new stories. In the last three years he had heard about 600 scripts says Rohit.

If ‘Savitri’ is his 9th film, one can guess how many hundreds of scripts he would have heard and how many he accepted finally. Choosing out of many options is anyway good and that is showing in the subjects he is choosing.

But is it advisable to do back to back movies not giving importance to looks and also going for a makeover needed for the character he is playing? Rohit’s looks are almost the same in every movie and he needs to work out on his make over even to get into the skin of the character. Otherwise, he started looking monotonous.