Nara-Rohit-jr-ntr-rivalaryWe know about the silly rumor that is making rounds on Nara Rohit that he is doing back to back films in order to get benefit from the Andhra Pradesh government because he is in a quid pro quo deal with TDP.

Anti TDP media started spreading this rumor lately. But Nara Rohit denies any such deal and says if that is the case, he would have done films with big directors. It’s evident that he is doing back to back small films and never after big budgets or directors.

He isn’t using the popularity and power of his uncle CM Naidu and hence doing films under his limitations. He throws light on the fact that his films are produced by people who belong to different parties.

Like Varun Sandesh and Allari Naresh, Nara Rohit is one hero who is stuck to doing small films. That doesn’t mean they are all doing films with political back up. Hope this rumor, which is anyway dumb will take rest henceforth.