It is quite common that an actor coming from a big family, plans his career well. He makes sure that he does movies on big banners and with star directors. But Nara Rohit does not have any such reservations. The actor had acted in 10 movies so far (one movie guest role and other for voice over). And out of the ten, 5 directors are new comers. The actor is taking care that ‘family’ brands do not fall on him and is making movies with novel subjects. However, his fans keep it other way. They wanted him not to take too many risks in the initial part of his career with out settling down.

He is currently shooting for three movies, Shankara, Madrasi and Lover. His other movie directed by a debutant Prashant Mandava began today with a formal pooja in Filmnagar temple. The regular shooting of the movie will also start today.