Nara Rohit banks on families after 'Solo'A young actor who is branded as the one who likes to experiment and do different movies which do not follow the box-office cliched formulae, Nara Rohit is having more than half a dozen movies in his kittiy which are in the shooting stage. One among them is ‘Savithri’ in which duck-eyed beauty Nandita Raj is playing the female lead.

The title suggests that the movie is female-centric. It’s going to be a family entertainer says the director of the movie Pawan Sadineni. Nara Rohit did a family entertainer ‘Solo’ way back in 2011 which proved a decent hit though it wasn’t a super hit in terms of box-office collections. Now he is back with one more family movie.

With ‘Savithri’, one can expect a commercial entertainer with regular action and comedy elements from Nara Rohit who normally banks on different subjects away from mundane pot boilers and family entertainers.