nannaku-prematho-chances-to-be-record-openerAfter a long gap a new film starring a big hero is arriving, it obviously brings us back to the topic of openings. So how are the openings of Nannaku Prematho going to be? What are its chances of creating new day record for Telugu movies, excluding Baahubali of course?

Getting straight into details, chances for the film creating new record for Day 1 is bleak. At best it can hope to come closer and it would be a fantastic achievement it does that. For the film to create a new record, the strong territories of Young Tiger NTR have to over perform that what is being expected now.

Lack of substantial hires can be seen as a major reason for the shortfall, if that is the case. All these reasons would matter only if the talk is shaky otherwise with super positive talk, the huge release should be able to negate the hires deficit. Everything now depends on talk, let’s see how it transpires tomorrow.