nanna-nenu-naa-boyfriends-failed-to-take-off-the-deal-in-us-premieresWith the kind of promotion and the big name of Dil Raju attached to it, one expected Hebah Patel’s ‘Nanna Nenu Naa Boyfriends‘ to open collecting decent figures. The film collected $2150 for US premieres, which is a hugely disappointing figure.

The premieres’ figures only suggest that the promotions and big names miserably failed to create any interest among the overseas audiences. Though Hebah Patel is seen as a golden girl in Tollywood with her previous successes, the reviews on this movie aren’t encouraging at all.

Dil Raju sold this movie to the overseas distributor of BlueSky Cinemas as part of a five-film deal which cost the distributor Rs. 18 crores as per the buzz. This one happens to be the first in the deal and this long term deal failed to take off. Going by the US premieres’ collections and the mixed responses, one has to wait and see if there could be a change of tide.