RRR_Nani_Dasara_MovieNani’s Dasara is making all kinds of right noise, making expectations raised with each passing day. A few weeks ago, he made a statement that Dasara will be the film of the year and as big as RRR, KGF 2, and Kantara.

Netizens started to troll him for making such outrageous statements out of overconfidence. Yesterday at the song launch event, he gave clarification on this statement.

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Nani said when he made that statement, he didn’t mean that his film is also as expensive and grand as RRR or KGF 2. He also didn’t claim that Dasara would be similar to RRR or KGF in terms of story. He also never meant that Dasara would break the box office records of RRR or KGF.

What he meant was that, like those films which made their respective film industries proud, Dasara will also make Tollywood proud. Nani added that every year there comes a film from every industry that becomes a milestone. And Dasara would be one of those milestone films from Tollywood this year.

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