Nani's Hits, Flops & Disasters Get a Hilarious Twist This is hilarious composition how a die-hard fan of Nani used an old video of a leader meeting people and testing them differently. The edit added all the Nani’s movies’ names according to the treatment the people in the video got.

Without saying anything, we can easily understand which of Nani’s movies were super hits and which were flops and disasters. Especially, the expression for his last release ‘V’ was noticed big time clearly showing that it’s Nani’s one of the most avoidable movies.

The edit was in perfect sync but the icing on the cake was Nani’s reply to the fan who edited the video and uploaded it on his Twitter page. Nani wrote, ‘Hilarious’ laughing aloud at the sarcasm on his hits and flops. Well, that video definitely needs a mention.

Do you want to watch the video and see what it actually is? Just, check here and you’ll know why Nani found it to be hilarious.