Dasara_NaniNani’s next release is Dasara and he is leaving no stone unturned to make it a big success. It is his biggest commercial made on the highest budget of his career, making it the most important film of his career. He expects this film to take him into the league of superstars.

Dasara has managed to garner decent hype among the audience, thanks to Nani’s makeover. Incidentally, there are no big releases till the time Dasara releases which is a huge plus for the film. The audience will be hungry to lap up a good film in theaters and if Dasara can entertain, there will be no looking back for the film.

But one factor that might work against the hype is the release of two songs recently. Both songs have not created any impact on the audience.

The songs, composed by Santhosh Narayanan, might work well when seen in the film as a part of the narrative, but as standalone songs, both songs are not doing any good to the film as of now. If the songs would have worked then it would have taken the film’s hype to next level.

Let’s hope the other songs from the film are better and help in creating more buzz for the film. Dasara releases on March 30.