Nani’s Daare Leda Song: Heart TuggingEver since the pandemic broke, the frontline warriors have been upfront with their relentless and unyielding efforts to combat the pandemic. Actor Nani came up with a thoughtful gesture to pay tribute to the frontline warriors for the sacrifices they did and continue to do in such an unprecedented crisis.

Days back Nani teased netizens with the poster look of Daare Leda video song. The video song starring Satya Dev and Roopa Koduvayur, who play doctor couple, was released a while ago. The video chronicles a young doctor couple’s tale as how their days change with their profession becoming very demanding.

How challenging it is for doctors to handle the crisis and how it takes a toll on their personal life is depicted intricately. As Satya Dev returns home from work, it is Roopa who starts preparing for the day by getting on to the duty. The video shows how doctors are continuing to work despite a life threatening virus of which some of the doctors have fallen prey to it.

What is heart tugging moment is the day Roopa waits for Satya Dev to return home to celebrate their wedding anniversary, she comes to know they can’t celebrate together as he tests positive. We also get to see Nani’s cameo.

Overall, Nani and his team have come up with an exceptional tribute. Despite being a video, the productional qualities have been taken care of with utmost importance. The music by Vijai Bulganin helps in accentuating the narration, Roshan has lent his vocal and the heart-tugging lyrics are penned by KK. The video ends asking the citizens to be responsible by practicing all safety protocols.

Nani’s Daare Leda Song: Heart Tugging