Nani's Biggest Blockbuster Remake Earns 25 Lakhs In spite of continuous flops, Bollywood is not shying away from making remakes of successful Telugu films in Hindi. Most of the successful Tollywood films are readily available in their Hindi dubbed version on YouTube with 100s of millions of views. It’s completely illogical; what’s the point in remaking a film that has been watched already by millions on YT for free.

This week’s release Nikamma is the unofficial frame-by-frame remake of Natural star Nani’s 2017 biggest commercial hit, MCA.

Starring Abhimanyu Dasani (son of Bhagyashree who played Prabhas’ mom in Radhe Shyam), and Shirley Setia as the lead pair, Nikamma has Shilpa Shetty (played by Bhumika Chawla in the original) in a key role.

The film opened to terrible reviews, with most of the critics calling it unbearable and the worst film of the year.

The early box office reports say that it would be a miracle if Nikamma managed to collect even Rs 25 lakhs on its opening day. This is among the most disastrous openings ever for any Hindi movie in recent times. 

Sabbir Khan has directed the movie who has successfully remade films like Parugu and Varsham in Hindi with Tiger Shroff. But the MCA remake has fallen flat on its face.