Nani-Bigg-Boss-Telugu- 2Bigg Boss and the second season contestants are lacking the appeal to attract the audiences to the show and keep them glued to the show throughout the week. There is already so much written about the show and Nani‘s show is heavily compared to NTR’s performance in the first season.

Apart from this, Sri Reddy who is on an attack mode on Nani is trolling the young hero’s energy levels on the social media. According to her, Nani’s expressions aren’t good, his dialogues and conversations seem rather mugged up. To be frank, he was better in the second episode and there is definitely a chance for improvisation.

At the end of the day, it’s all TRPs game about the show and we’ll know Nani’s performance only after the TRPs for the week will be out. Those who are doubting must wait for the TRPs before passing the judgements on him. If we go by Saturday’s episode, looks like Nani can improve. By the way, one of the contestants, Sanjanna is said to be filling the gap as social media users are addressing her ‘Bigg Boss Sri Reddy’.