Nani’s big gambles – will it pay off

Nani is one of the most loved actors among the upcoming generation of actors. He has already created a unique niche for him with his films which people feel would provide minimum guaranteed entertainment along with some fine acting. His script selection too is coming under praise as one way or the other the films he does are finding acceptance among the audience. For example while an Ala Modalaindi clicks big with audience, a Pilla Zamindar has developed a great cult following which can be seen through repeat runs of the film on Televisions.

So now any film the actor is attached too is being keenly awaited. Nani too seems to be truly well aware of this position and hence he has decided to take some gamble. The actor is now venturing into production whereby he would be lending his name to films which he likes. The actor this way is using his credibility among the audience to help few films gain eyeballs. We already know about the film D for Dopidi which the actor has bought a share in and now the latest is that the actor bought remake rights of a Tamil film which has not yet been released. The actor is pinning hopes on the film to be a big success and thereby generate great curiosity in the remake which he would be a part of.

Remember Sharwanand, he too followed a similar trajectory and even produced a film to his likes Ko Ante Koti. But unfortunately the film failed big time denting him both critically as well as financially. This is why it’s a big gamble for Nani and one has to wait and see if it pays off or not. The actor is currently busy with Band Baaja Baarat remake, Jenda Pai Kapiraju and awaiting the release of his film Paisa directed by Krishnavamsi.