'Nanigadu'-Attempts-Suicide-at-Film-ChamberFor a couple of days, actor Durga Prasad who played the lead in ‘Nanigadu‘, a small film with totally unknown faces has been begging the big names in the film industry to take some action as his movie was made available on YouTube, even before its release.

He threatened to commit suicide before the Film Chamber, the actor was there at the chamber with a pesticide bottle and tried drinking it. Immediately, the police persons present there removed the pesticide from his hands and took him to hospital.

After the first aid, it was learned that he was being counseled by the doctors. He claimed that they had invested Rs. 40 lakhs on the movie and they wanted to release the movie in the theatres.

It’s true that the movie is now available on YouTube but it was uploaded almost a month ago. But, it has been only for a couple of days the actor has brought up this issue. Sadly, no big name from the industry responded to him, till now.