Nani Will Be Happier Than Allu ArjunThe other day, Andhra Pradesh High Court has struck down G.O No. 35 which has set movie ticket prices abnormally low. The court has ordered the Government to follow the system that is prevalent before April 2021. The system means – the rates are reasonably priced up to 110 Rupees in Balcony of Single screen theaters.

Anything more than that, the exhibitors and distributors can request the local administration and get permission which they always got. So, tickets used to be sold at 250-300 Rupees for biggies. Now, Jagan Government will obviously not allow that. So, Pushpa will be half happy but this is a perfect recipe for Nani’s Shyam Singha Roy.

Nani would not want abnormally high tickets but is very much satisfied with the reasonable prices in all centers. The prices are not too high for the audience to think twice and at the same time, not unreasonable for the business. So, Nani will be happier than Allu Arjun in this aspect.

Meanwhile, Nani sounded very confident about Shyam Singha Roy at the Pre-release event last night. He said he is not even worried an inch about the competition with Pushpa and RRR. “Shyam Singha Roy is not going to be Sandwiched. It is that Surprisingly Tasty patty in the middle,” Nani said.