Nani Sister Deepthi Ganta - Anaganaga Oka Nanna Short FilmSurprisingly Nani’s sister, Deepthi Ganta released a short film on the occasion of Father’s Day. Nani’s sister who lives in the United States wrote and directed the short film titled, ‘Anaganagaa Oka Naanna’ on fathers who help their kids live their dreams irrespective of whether it was a girl child or a boy child.

The short film was really impressive and very cute with a simple message. Cuter was the conversation that took place between Nani‘s wife Anju Yelavarthy and his sister Deepthi. While Nani’s wife said that, now there was a reason for Deepthi to quit her desk job (probably in the US). It seems, they want her to be with them, here in India.

Deepthi was spontaneous enough to say that she was tempted as she can at least stay with her family, in India. Looks like, the entire family including Nani were really excited to see Deepthi do something creative. She made Nani proud of the way she has come up with a story and directed the movie without Nani’s help.