Nani Vs Thaman: What Happened?Creative differences are a part and parcel of the film industry. But not often do we see two film celebs taking potshots at each other over the bitter experiences they had in the past.

Now, Nani and Thaman appear to be indulging in a heated, albeit indirect verbal exchange.

It all started off when Thaman was sidelined from Tuck Jagadish. After Thaman composed the whole background score, Nani was apparently not satisfied with the same, and the latter’s work was scrapped. The makers then roped in Gopi Sundar to compose the background score. Thaman himself spoke about the same after the film’s release.

Later, in one of Shyam Singha Roy’s promotional interviews, Nani made a cryptic comment. “One particular craft should never dominate cinema. A song should elevate the film, but not dominate it. If one particular craft, be it acting, cinematography, or music stands out, then it means something is wrong,” Nani said.

Nani didn’t directly refer to the Tuck Jagadish – Thaman fiasco, but as it appears Thaman has taken offense to Nani’s comment. “We call it a Complete FILM when all the crafts Together Excel in all formats. It’s never so called Dominated Crafts .. lol,” Thaman tweeted a short while back.

Neither Nani nor Thaman are mentioning names but they are evidently taking potshots at each other. It can be understood that there is a complete fallout between these two.