nani_dasara_allu-arun_pushpa_ram-charan_rangasthalamThe latest trend is that the audiences’ taste for rooted and rustic heroes seems to be growing by the day. The trend was started by Ram Charan as Chitti Babu in Rangasthalam and looks like the directors are taking advantage of the craze to cash in on it by making stories set in a rural, rustic backdrop.

Filmmakers are making the best use of the plot by presenting the basic plot with different heroes. The craze for the heroes combined with the raw and intense story plot with rustic flavor is now a sure-shot hit at the box office.

People on social media are having a heated debate these days about which actor created the maximum impact in these raw, rural, and rustic roles.

Mega fans are claiming that it was Ram Charan who nailed the look and the feel in Rangasthalam. They say he is the OG in this genre and created a benchmark. Allu Arjun fans feel that it was Bunny who took it to the next level with the pan-Indian hit Pushpa.

Meanwhile, not be left behind, neutral audiences are also giving thumbs up to Nani as many feel he has done a brilliant job as Dharani in Dasara. People never expected that he could pull off such a role with such elan and impact.

We can safely say that all three actors gave their best in the above-mentioned films and that is the reason why they all have received big praise.