Nani Says, 'False News' & Fans Are RejoicingWhen a fan gets a tweet reply from his favourite star directly, he would be feeling on the top of the world. A recent Twitter post by Nani‘s fans got a response from Nani giving clarity on a rumor that has been circulating.

Responding to the rumor that Nani is going to do a film titled ‘Kuchipudi Vaari Veedhi’ under Geetha Arts productions with Srikanth Addala steering the project as the director, Nani simply replied, “False News My Boys.”

This response from Nani gave his fans a big relief as they were worried if Nani would make a wrong choice choosing the director who gave one of the biggest flops to superstar Mahesh Babu.

Actually, Nani is on the top of his game and his career choices have been great, lately. His forthcoming movie ‘Gang Leader’ has his fans intrigued and, they hope he doesn’t make any wrong choices in between.