Actor-Nani-with-SadhguruThe yogi, Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev is not a new name to people and many celebs have had their moments with the mystic in various interactions to have their questions answered. When Nani got his turn to spend the question and answer session with the master in front of hundreds of audience, he made sure he is not making fool out of himself.

Nani, who looks the most confident actor on screen and his presence out there is what made him the star now. But, the actor is not the same confident with his English language. Now, the opposite is the wisest and fluent English speaking author Sadguru and he obviously didn’t want to embarrass himself on the stage in case he fumbles and he gave a disclaimer to the audience that his English is not that good and warned them to kill of they troll his language.

Most of the time he spoke in Telugu as the yogi speaks the language but has also managed to keep his English fair and he did a good job there. But his disclaimer has definitely saved his day. Wise move. That is how you never make the language a barrier to do what you want to.