Big-Boss-2-Telugu-First-Look-Good-Start-for-Nani-Second-InningsTill now, Nani has been entertaining audiences with certain stuff that gave him the tag that he is a natural actor who fits into the boy-next-door image. What if he wants to do something bigger like Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’ in Telugu?

The big question is, “Are the audiences ready to see him in bigger projects that are out of the comfort zone of the actor?” That’s why he is assembling audiences for bigger attempts so that more people will watch his films and he will get proper feedback on what to do and what not to do. He sees hosting ‘Big Boss Telugu, Season 2’ as an opportunity to connect with the audiences, even more.

Unlike the case of his films, Nani can stay tuned with the audiences for more than three months, at a stretch. This will make him more family-friendly guy though he is already a favourite of families who love to watch movies and enjoy with the members of their family. A new phase is going to unfold for Nani from 10th June and the trade is eagerly waiting to see how far Nani will do justice to his role.