Nani - Niveda ThomasNani is definitely a natural actor and people keep ushering him with praises for his performances. In her speech during the audio launch event of ‘Gentleman’ on Sunday evening, heroine Niveda Thomas too was found lauding Nani’s natural acting and compared him to Kamal Haasan.

Though Nani was seen blushing for the compliment and nodding his head in disagreement, Niveda kept on insisting he is a great actor after Kamal Haasan. Nani too had his share of moments while he praised his heroine. In his speech, Nani said Niveda is like lady Kamal Haasan when it comes to performance.

Both of them took Kamal Haasan’s name to praise each other and we know that Kamal Haasan’s performances are like benchmark to actors in not only South Film Industry but also the Indian film industry as a whole. He has set such high standards.

To be called ‘next Kamal Haasan’, the natural actor needs to experiment a lot with pathbreaking films complimented with outstanding performances. Let’s see if that happens in future. At present, let’s be satisfied that he is one of the finest actors of TFI.