Nani Makes Stars More Uncomfortable Than JaganNatural Star Nani courageously called out the theaters issue in Andhra Pradesh and said it is wrong. He talked about it just one day before the release of his Shyam Singha Roy and had to pay the price with many theaters getting seized after that.

Naturally many would expect that Nani may have said it in a fit of anger and would become silent. But he talked about it again in an interview. “Had we all come together when the problems began during the start (Vakeel Saab), the situation would not have come this far,” Nani said.

He also mentioned that he is not against any government but is talking only for the well-being of the Telugu film industry. The more Nani talks on this issue, it will be more embarrassing for the big stars who are maintaining strategic silence on this issue. The heroes who are known for leading and shouldering a film can not remain on the sidelines of the frame forever.

Meanwhile, it is said that Megastar Chiranjeevi has sought an appointment with Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for this week. He is planning to submit a proposal to the Chief Minister to increase the rates on par with the recent G.O. released by Telangana Government.