Adivi Sesh Hit 2 MovieNani announced HIT 2 with Adivi Sesh. A lot of curiosity and buzz surrounds HIT 2 as the first part of the franchise starring Vishwak Sen performed well at the box office. Due to the pandemic, the filming process got delayed leaving ambiguity.

Finally, Adivi Sesh has given an update on HIT 2 stating that nearly 60 percent of the shoot is completed. The actor also cleared doubts to rest stating that this is neither a sequel nor a prequel but a new, different story .

Adivi Sesh plays as a cop, Krishna Dev, stationed in Andhra Pradesh. Another interesting aspect revealed by Adivi Sesh is that apart from Telugu, the film is being dubbed in Malayalam. Unlike the first part where the film unfolds in Hyderabad, HIT 2 takes place in Vizag and Goa. The film has some dark elements in it which will only be known on the silver screen.

Apart from HIT 2, Adivi Sesh is making his pan-India debut with Major. He has some other Telugu projects and Bollywood projects too which he is yet to make official.