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Nani’s Liquor Drinking Habit Revealed

Nani's-Liquor-Drinking-Habit-Revealed!!The backyard scene in which Nani gets drunk and speaks about girls’ choices with Aadi and Nivetha was an instant success and it was one of the best emotional scenes of ‘Ninnu Kori’. Kona Venkat made an interesting revelation about this particular scene.

Nani drank a full bottle of liquor to get the feel right and give his best for the scene. He is popular as a natural actor and therefore, didn’t want to leave even a slight tinge of artificiality. This scene won Nani a lot of praises for the way he delivered his facial expressions, with genuineness written all over his face.

But, Nani gave an explanation of sorts for getting drunk for the scene. “They told me it was an apple juice and made me drink it,” told Nani. Poor Nani! He doesn’t know the difference between an apple juice and an alcohol till he drank the full bottle! Really?