Nani: I’ll Self-Ban Myself From TFINatural Star Nani was the centre of cynosure at the Tuck Jagadish theatrical launch event held today in Hyderabad. He knew very well what was in the store and came well-prepared for it. Here is what Nani has to say on Tuck Jagadish and recent controversies surrounding its OTT release.

Nani said that decision to come on OTT is not an easy one. It has been taken, keeping all the sides and parties in mind. He also empathised with the controversial statements of co-producers who lashed out at him for opting for an OTT release.

Nani again assured that theatrical release is his first preference always. When things become normal, and all cinemas release theatrically, if then his (Nani’s) movie opts for an OTT release, that day, he would self-ban himself from Telugu cinema, said Nani.

Telugu film industry is Nani’s family, and it is going through a rough period which will be overcome soon due to the passionate audience, he assured. Nani reminded the people who commented on him (through media) that he is one among them, and understands their pain.

On Tuck Jagadish, Nani said that it is not some high concept intellectual film. It is a simple family entertainer where the drama is emphasised more. It will remind us of many films and give us a nostalgic feeling.

Shiva Nirvana directs Tuck Jagadish. The emotionally rich family drama with action thrown in equal measures will stream online from September 10th on Amazon Prime Video. It is a Vinayaka Chavithi treat for the family audience.