Nani Holding a Couple of Surprises The first look of Nani’s ‘Gang Leader’s will be unveiled on 15th July and the natural star promised us that they are going to continue the blitzkrieg of the promotional activities for the film, without a break.

Here is an important update on the movie. According to the hearsay, ‘Gang Leader‘ is going to throw a couple of surprises. Audiences would get to watch a different side of Nani that they hadn’t watched before.

That means the makers have tapped the humorous and the emotional sides of Nani’s performance in the way we hadn’t seen. ‘Rx 100’ fame Karthikeya is said to have an important role in ‘Gang Leader’.

Let’s see how Vikram Kumar has used the natural star’s potential with a mass appealing title to suit to showcase the humorous and emotional side of Nani.