Thimmarusu Pre Release Event - Nani First To Make The Bold StatementTelugu film industry is feeling the pinch from one and a half year due to the Lockdowns. Adding to that, controversial decisions like the ticket rates in Andhra Pradesh have made things much worse.

Everyone in the industry is feeling the pinch but no one has the courage to speak against the governments. Natural Star Nani is the first celebrity to vent the anguish. He spoke his heart out at Thimmarusu Pre-release Event about why theaters should be opened the last and why every rate can increase except for the ticket prices.

“Theater is the only place where you can wear a mask and watch the film. You do not take off your masks and speak to each others like how you do in the restaurants. Still the theaters will close first and open at last,” Nani said.

“All the essential commodities like Petrol, Diesel, vegetables etc will go on increasing but there is problem only with ticket prices. But we in Filmnagar (heroes and directors) will not suffer but millions who are dependent on their livelihood for cinema will suffer. Hopefully Governments and all those involved will take this into consideration,” he added.

“Watching cinema is a part of our culture. I am afraid if we can not pass on this to the future generations,” he said. Nani has opted OTT release for his V in the first wave and the release of his Tuck Jagadish has hit roadblock after the second wave due to ticket rates issue. No wonder Nani is the first one to speak on this issue.