Nani-DevaDasDevaDas barely passed the test as Nani and Nag stood as main pillars of the film despite weak story their onscreen chemistry made the film watchable. There are several scenes in the film where Deva (Nag) and Das (Nani) drink together and it was fun to watch them together. And now Nani speaks of his favorite drink.

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There were so many shots of the duo boozing together that people wondered if they really had some on the sets if what they drank in the shots was for real. Well, Nani says he never saw Nag having the alcohol but he had a glass of wine for one drunken shot. Also, revealed that he loves wine and only Red wine.

And no one ever dared to dink on sets because of Nag as Nani says. But Nani managed to have a sitting with Director post the shooting one day. Also said he was surprised to see Nag saying in an interview of his boozing moment on sets. That chemistry is what is entertaining the audience now at theatres and gave a pass to the film.

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