Nani,Gentleman, Nani Gentleman, Gentleman Talk, Gentleman Public Response, Nani Performance, Gentleman collections, Gentleman In OverseasFrom the time of the promotions itself, Nani kept on telling everyone that irrespective of the result of the film, he will gain heavily as an actor. Exactly the same happened as everyone is raving about his performance in the film.

Nani’s performance especially during the confrontational scenes during the climax has been appreciated all over. Though it is very early to talk about the success range of the film in the long run, one thing is sure that Nani has added another cap in his stardom and that off an seasoned actor.

You give him any role, he will slip into it easily and do a superb job. Gentleman has given him a new lease of life and he can try different films in the future as well with this confidence. He also proved his detractors wrong who were of the opinion that why is he doing such different subjects when he is safe entertaining audience.

But with this smart move, he has only added the list of admirers for him in the long run.