Chamkeela_Angeelesi_DasaraThe makers of Nani’s Dasara dropped a new song from the album the other day and it is titled Chamkeela Angeelesi. It clearly has a rustic Telangana folk Number theme.

This song has now spurred a heated debate on social media and even led to a Telangana Vs Andhra Pradesh regional war.

A section of the listeners are saying this song has too much Telangana vibe and even the lyrics aren’t comprehending for all audience. They say the song can barely be understood by non-Telangana folk.

In response, Telangana natives say the very meaning of a rustic Telangana rural song is to celebrate their culture and dialect. They point out that no one has a problem when a song with Rayalaseema or Godavari dialect comes out, but everyone bats an eye when a Telangana rural number is out.

This development first started off on a lighter note with the merits and demerits of the song, but it has now sparked a regional debate between Andhra and Telangana folk on social media.

Given that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, this social media debate should only go on to fetch more reach for Dasara which is up for release on the 30th of March.