Nani Better Than All Mega Heroes CombinedPawan Kalyan in his speech at the Republic Pre-Release event mentioned how it pained him when everyone attacked Nani when he opted for OTT release for his Tuck Jagadish. “If you should blame someone, it is the Government who stopped the films. It is not fair to blame that boy,” Pawan Kalyan said.

Obviously, Nani has become the first actor to respond to this issue. “Keeping aside the political differences between Pawan Kalyan sir and AP Government. The film industry issues addressed are genuine and need immediate attention. Thank you, @PawanKalyan sir (sic),” Nani tweeted.

“As a member of film fraternity I humbly request @ysjagan gaaru and concerned Ministers to look into it before it gets too late for the cinema to revive,” he added. It is clear that Nani acknowledged Pawan Kalyan’s effort in this but still tried not to rub the Government on the wrong side.

Interestingly, none of the other heroes including those from the Mega family is yet to respond on this issue. They did not even try to play safe at least like how Nani did. Ram Charan, this morning, posted a tweet wishing all the best to the Republic team. He is confined only to the film like how the issue has never happened. “Nani proved to better than all the heroes in Mega Family,” Pawan Kalyan fans are seen telling on social media.