Nani’s Best Removed from DevaDas?

nanis-best-removed-from-devadas-(2)Nani fans will feel bad that one of Nani’s best scenes of ‘DevaDas‘ had to be the victim of the editing scissors as the run-time of the movie was already lighter longer. It was an emotional scene and Nani killed it with his natural performance. That scene surfaced on YouTube only to make us feel that Nani deserves all the fame he has been receiving as a natural actor.

Nagarjuna as Deva did his role with ease as it is something we have seen him do before and he was in proper elements as Deva, the don with a heart. But, in the case of Nani, he played an innocent doctor role that was an out-and-out comedian role and that’s the reason why there was a lot of freshness to the combo scenes of Nag and Nani.

One deleted scene that surfaced after the movie’s release is one of his best. Nani’s intensity and the way he was consistent throughout the scene approximately four-minute long scene will make us feel that the scene could have been in the movie. But, the lengthy run-time didn’t allow the makers to keep the scene though it turned out really well.

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