Nandi Awards Controversy - Looking for Sane Arguments-Nandi Awards which have blown controversy several times in the past have hogged limelight yet again for unpleasant reasons. The contention this time is mainly about choosing Legend over Manam as the Best Film for 2014. Manam certainly deserves the award, and the controversy is fully justified, but then various voices against Nandi Awards do not sound sane.

Bunny Vas who led the pack started a TV debate with ‘Justice for Manam’ and ended up saying that Mega Family is being ignored and was asking the award for Race Gurram and Govindu Andari Vaadele which would have been equally absurd if given.

Bandla Ganesh sounded like he is running for an Opposition Party Ticket trying to corner TDP or like settling old scores with Nandamuri heroes. His arguments rarely made any sense in favor of Manam. A couple of other filmmakers even indirectly brought out Caste angle which only worsens the ugly side of fan wars in Industry.

A day later, the makers of Race Gurram were even more open in their disagreement over the awards by arranging a special press-meet. Producer Nallamalapu Bujji made loud castist remarks without any hesitation. Gunasekhar also sounded as if he has a grudge against TDP government for not extending Tax Exemption for his Rudhrama Devi or for not giving the movie an award. Guna believes that making a film on the historical subject automatically entitles him to Awards.

Finally, we are yet to listen to a sane voice fighting for Manam from the industry. And surprisingly the ones who should be voicing their angst, the Akkineni’s are entirely mum over the Awards.