NTR Ram CharanRRR has shot Ram Charan and Jr NTR to international fame. But sadly, their fans are finding the silliest of reasons to quarrel with each other and here’s one such instance involving NTR and Charan’s fans.

Of all the reasons, NTR and Charan‘s fans are quarelling about which of these two heroes is closer to team India cricketers.

Ram Charan’s fans say their hero first met Indian cricketers and hosted a party many months ago. They say NTR’s recent meet with Indian cricketers is a forced one and a copy of Charan’s meet.

On the other hand, NTR‘s fans say their hero’s meeting with the cricketers is an organic one and the fact that all these cricketers came up with elevation posts on NTR after the meeting implies the same.

As silly as this may sound, these two sets of fans are at war as they quarrel about which hero is closer to Indian crickets. But what they should note is both the heroes are popular in the Indian cinema belt, thanks to RRR. They should enjoy the rise of their heroes instead of finding petty reasons to fight.