nandamuri-mokshagna-debut-nandamuri-fans-confusedWhile Nandamuri Mokshagna seems nowhere ready for the big screen debut to continue the legacy of his grandfather NTR and his father Balakrishna, Balayya’s recent response to his son’s debut is leaving his fans in confusion.

Balayya strongly said that a lot of grooming is necessary besides, he strongly believes in the horoscope. So, the Nandamuri scion will be launched when the right time arrives and will be successful.

Everyone thought that Mokshagna didn’t want to be an actor like his father and grandfather because of the recent images that surfaced. He seemed nowhere to be arriving.

However, Balayya’s strong word that his son will come says it all. These days, there is high competition and it’s necessary that the scion makes his debut with perfect planning, properly trained and groomed, of course, a decent story to support him.

There is no second chance if his debut movie fails, especially, with regard to the performance of the scion. Balayya’s words are giving hope and let’s also hope the same.

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