Kalyan-Ram-New-MegastarKalyan Ram’s Bimbisara opened to full houses on Friday, and the film is getting appreciation from the mass audience. According to trade analysts, the occupancy of the film in the Telugu states is 90% all over.

The Nandamuri family is been back into the business big time. NBK’s Akhanda, then NTR’s RRR, and now Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara.

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Nandamuri fans seemed quite excited by the big opening of Bimbisara. Some of them were saying that Kalyan Ram single-handedly achieved what Acharya starring Megastar Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan together, couldn’t achieve.

The trade reports suggest that Bimbisara reported better occupancies than Acharya in many theaters. Some anti-fans of the Mega family trended #MegastarKalyanRam on Twitter continuously.

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Though Kalyan Ram is nowhere near Megastar in terms of stardom or talent, Bimbisara doing better than Acharya is definitely a huge achievement.