Sher-dynAMITE COLLECTIONSNot to be entirely written off, they have had their moments, but Manchu family has been dealing with one big box office failure after other for a very long time. One of their recent disasters was Dynamite starring Manchu Vishnu. Among the reasonably noted films it had the lowest collections of its time.

It could be said largely due to how the films from the Manchu family fare at the US box office, many simply assumed that the collections of Dynamite would remain unchallenged in terms of low numbers. But now a film from a Nandamuri hero, Kalyan Ram, is on the way to do the unthinkable.

Sher starring Nandamuri Kalyan Ram has collected approximately $12 k in the US in its opening weekend. On the other hand Dynamite had collected $18 k in its full run. If Sher fails to add anything significant to its total in coming days it is looking at creating an embarrassment for the fans in an unexpected way.