Nandamuri Hero Calls Pawan Kalyan BabaiJr NTR and Ram Charan forged a unbreakable bonding while working on RRR. As it appears, they aren’t the only Nandamuri-Mega duo that share a close bonding.

In his latest interaction with the media, Nandamuri Taraka Ratna caught the attention by calling Pawan Kalyan as “Babai”.

“I call Pawan Kalyan as Babai. There’s no competition between Chandrababu garu and Pawan Babai in politics. Babai is doing all he can for the public and progressing in his way. He is trying his best to serve the people,” Taraka Ratna said.

Taraka Ratna was very candid in the interview. Pawan’s fans are pleasantly surprised by his revelation that he calls Pawan as Babai. They are resharing the video on Twitter now.

Mega and Nandamuri fans have been in a war zone after RRR’s release as they try to claim RRR credit. They should learn from the fact that the heroes themselves are sharing a strong bonding.