Confused with the title? Wonder why Nandamuri fans who share bitter relationship with Mega fans, happy with Mega family union? Read this story – Apart from movies and active participation in politics, Mega and Nandamuri families have one more thing in common. Both the families are in News for wrong reasons in recent times. For quite some time now, media had been speculating rifts in both the families due to political interests. Mega family rubbished all the rumours by attending the audio launch of Gabbar Singh and brushing away all the rumours. Problem is not solved yet in Nandamuri family. Releasing of Adhinayakudu one week prior to Dhammu had resulted in division between both the fans. Fans who are still with both the heros are saying that rifts in any family is quite common and when it is a big family like Nandamuri, minor ego clashes and disputes. and time will heal every thing. Fans are waiting for the day in which both Babai and Abbai unite on a common dais just like Chiru and Pawan did the previous night.