nandamuri balakrishna smoking habbitWhy did Dhrutharashtra loose his eyes? Why did Dasarath had to suffer separation from his sons? Why did Pandu had to suffer from his skin disease? You might be wondering why these kind of irrelevant questions from our epics. Many of us might not know the answer even.

But be rest assured. Our star hero turned MLA, Balakrishna has answers for all the above questions. He says all those epic characters had to suffer because they didn’t smoke. You read it right.

Balakrishna is famous for his uninterrupted speech using quotes and poems from epics and puranas of Hindu mythology. He repeated the same when he as on stage for the Visakha Utsav. He was in a flow repeating the punch dialogues from his super hit films.

In the same flow, Balayya Babu revealed that he smokes almost everyday in the morning, as it is good for this voice(?) and for health. He took one of the most popular poem of Gireesham from the most famous ‘Kanyashulkam’ novel of Gurajaada Apparao and went on to say ‘Those who don’t smoke, will be born as buffaloes in their next birth’ (poga taagani vaadu dunnapoetai puttun.. పొగ తాగని వాడు దున్నపోతై పుట్టున్ ). What a way to justify! 🙂