Nandamuri_Balakrishna_in_HindupurNandamuri Balakrishna is actively taking part in political activities while he is also simultaneously shooting for his films. The Hindupur MLA has now visited the houses of TDP leaders who sustained injuries following an attack by YCP troops.

Going into the story, Balakrishna met with two TDP leaders from KodiKonda, Chialamattur, who were injured by YCP troops.

Balakrishna is seen in a white and white outfit as he looks like a proper politician. His striking look has struck a chord with TDP troops. His visit rejuvenated the TDP troops and he was greeted by several party supporters.

Following the meeting, Balayya said he will not spare any of the YCP leaders if they harm TDP supporters. Balayya said he will come to the rescue of TDP troops even in the middle of the night if needed.