Nandamuri BalakrishnaNandamuri Balakrishna once again showed his magnanimous nature, which is winning the hearts of not just his fans but also the common people.

According to the reports, an assistant director, Mahesh Yadav, who is a part of Boyapati Sreenu’s team, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctors said that the treatment would cost around Rs. 40 lakhs. Mahesh and his family couldn’t afford such expensive treatment.

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When Balakrishna, who worked with Boyapati in many blockbusters, came to know about Mahesh’s condition, he made arrangements for his treatment free of cost at his Basavatarakam hospital in Hyderabad.

The expensive surgery costing over 40 lakhs, was performed at Balakrishna’s Basavatharakam Indo-American Cancer Hospital without charging any fees.

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No wonder his fans call him Manasunna Maaraju!

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