Namrata Mahesh BabuMahesh Babu’s wife Namrata Shirodkar gave a candid interview to a YouTube Channel which went on air recently. In the interview, she talks about her life after marriage, her kids, the GMB foundation, and if there is any chance of her acting again in the movies.

Namrata said, “The only condition Mahesh had was I should stop acting after marriage as he wanted a non-working wife. And my condition was that I cannot move into his bungalow immediately after getting married. I was scared and nervous about living in big bungalows and wanted to first live in an apartment, and he was ok with it. So we moved into a flat after marriage.”

Namrata said that she and Mahesh have always been very supportive of each other, and he stood like a rock whenever there was a low in her life. Especially after the death of her parents, Mahesh took care of her very nicely. Their son Gautam was only a year old then, and there was great love among all three of them.

Namrata also revealed that Sitara was an unplanned child. She happened unexpectedly and that’s why there was such a huge gap between Gautam and Sitara. And now, Sitara has turned out to be the light and life of the entire family.