Namrata Shirodkar - Mahesh Babu - Andhra HospitalsIt was a proud moment for Mahesh Babu and Namrata when a team of doctors had completed 1000 cardiac surgeries giving life to the little hearts. This team consisting of Andhra Hospitals and Little Hearts Foundation is of course, sponsored by Mahesh Babu. Namrata shared this news congratulating the team for their genuine efforts.

Her efforts are quite a boon for Mahesh Babu. His fans often worry that their favorite star doesn’t have an efficient PR who can understand social media, well. But, Namrata makes up for it, big time. She never misses sharing the good deeds of her husband whenever there is an opportunity.

Whenever a star supports a good cause, it’s necessary that the information reaches others so that there might be others who can seek help when in need. This social media awareness is not only helpful for the promoting a star’s good deeds but also for reaching out the people who would be in actual need.

Namrata herself makes a good PR for Mahesh Babu. The way she has been promoting him right from the beginning is marvelous and one must appreciate her efforts for supporting her husband and also making sure that he gets involved with some noble work.