Namrata ShirodkarNamrata Shirodkar enjoyed a super successful modeling career. She also won the Miss India title before she entered Bollywood with Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hai opposite Salman Khan. After that, she went on to do movies in different industries.

However, Namrata’s life took a new turn when she met her superstar Mahesh Babu on the sets of Vamsi. They fell in love and got married in 2005.

Namrata has always been the biggest pillar of strength for Mahesh Babu who always never wanted a working wife. Namrata quit films and became a housewife and family caretaker so that Mahesh can go on to become one of the biggest stars in Tollywood without worrying about his family.

On many occasions, Namrata has that she has no regrets about quitting films. It’s a big sacrifice for any woman to leave her professional career and become a part of her husband’s dreams and aspirations. Even though she was offered many roles regularly, she never went back to films and honored her commitment to Mahesh and family.

Not only that, using her contacts in Bollywood, she made sure that Mahesh Babu signs up with the best brands not only in the South but also in the North. She is one of the major reasons for Mahesh becoming a big brand all over India. She ensured he had a strong PR to build his image.

Namrata also was a key force behind Mahesh venturing into the multiplex business a few years ago and now AMB Cinemas is one of the largest malls and biggest movie theatres in India. She along with Mahesh also partnered with the Asian Group to step into the food business recently.

Mahesh also has acknowledged Namrata’s crucial role in his personal and professional career on many occasions.

Namrata turns 51 today, and on the occasion of her birthday, we wish her all the best in everything.