Chandrababu naidu 100days rule review

Its been 100 days since Chandra Babu Naidu takes in on as the Chief Minister of truncated Andhra Pradesh. Even though, 100 days is a very little period to gauge any government, Chandra Babu’s government has made some serious progress in several vital issues. An Overview of the 100 days rule suggests more successes than failures. Here is a walk-through of Chandra Babu’s 100 days in office:


Polavaram Row: Adding seven mandals of Khammam to Andhra Pradesh through ordinance is a strategical move at the right time. Chandra Babu exerted the pressure on the Center at the right time. Any delay would have forced Polavaram project at the mercy of Telangana government. This can be termed as Babu’s biggest success given Polavaram project’s significance to the agriculture dependent state.

24X7 Power: Andhra Pradesh has made a serious step in solving the Power crisis of the state. Chandra Babu’s daring and intelligent move to cancel PPAs come as a boon to the residuary state so that it can now use all the power produced in its territories. Chandra Babu also convinced the Center to take up AP as the pilot project of 24X7 Power supply. This will immensely benefit the state in coming days.

Clarity on Capital: Chandra Babu took a daring step of making Vijayawada as the Capital. Despite the resistance from the Siva Rama Krishnan Committee and Opposition party, Chandra Babu executed his theory of ‘Capital can not be setup in forests and it should be in the middle of the state accessible to every one. It has to be seen if he makes it on par with Hyderabad.

Pensions and Retirement:
Key promise to employees of increasing retirement age to 60 years is increased. Another important promise for old people, widows and unemployed youth is set to increase from October 2nd.

Improving economy: Several Revenue generations options like Red Sandal sale, Bauxite mining, Barytes sale are explored and implemented. Companies like Wipro have announced their expansion plans and companies like Hero are coming to AP.

In Progress:

Loan Waiver: The heavy burden of Raithu Runa Maafi and Dwacra Runa Mafi has muzzled Chandra Babu’s speed in these 100 days. The huge finances involved in the scheme is pegging back Chandra Babu. But being a very key promise, Chandra Babu is doing all that he could do to fulfill it.

Special Status and Packages: Though Chandra Babu’s government has not exerted pressure on Modi’s government enough to issue the promised Special Status to Andhra Pradesh and Special Packages to Rayalaseema and Uttarandhra regions, CM gives full assurance about the package. Center is yet to commit even the deficit budget of AP according to the reorganization act, however, Naidu is certain that AP will get the justice from center.


Dedication to AP: Even though Chandra Babu is the Chief Minister of AP, he is still inclined to Telangana State in various issues. He is unable to compromise his party’s interests in Telangana by strongly standing for AP’s benefit in many issues.

Pack n Move: Spending money over temporary offices in Hyderabad are pin-pointed against the TDP government over this 100 days tenure so far.

Belt Shops Ban: Even though the banning of belt shops is one of the first signatures of Chandra Babu after swearing in as Chief Minister. There is criticism of not being able to deal them with an iron fist.

Overall it seems like Naidu is working on a long term plan for the new state where every decission is a key decission at this point and it looks like he is on a mission to deliver. Also governance is more like a Test match than a T20, so let’s wait and see how a man like Naidu who created brand Hyderabad, will surely set new beginings for the new state. Post your comment below and let us know what you thought of Naidu’s 100days rule.