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Nag’s ‘Meelo Evaru Koteeshwarudu’ undoubtedly created big sensation on small screen and made many big popular telly shows to take back seat. One of them was the comedy show ‘Jabardast’. Before ‘MEK’ came to MAA TV, Jabardast on ETV was the show which was the highest ranked with high TRP ratings. Initially ‘Jabardast’ was applauded for the light vein comedy but later on gradually it started to turn a little bit vulgour and indecent.

When family audience slowly started getting averse to the indecent content, Nag’s MEK came as a great respite for them. Besides the superhit game format, the presence of Nag and the celebrities gracing the show, made the show to hit bull’s eye. For atleast 5 weeks, Nag’s MEK topped the TRP rankings leaving ‘Jabardast’ and other popular shows far behind. Like all good things have to come to an end, MEK is also going off air and 8th August will be the last episode of the first season of the show.

That means, other popular shows which have taken back seat can breathe air as they are going to get back to their top position. Especially ‘Jabardast’ has every chance to bounce back to the top ranking with Nag’s MEK out of competition. Family audience would like to go back to other popular shows to fill the gap. Hope, ‘Jabardast’ makers would understand the difference and go for more decent content in their show.